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The protocol for real-time payments

Why wait one month to get your salary when you can get paid each second with CoinDrip?

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Stream tokens every second

We know how important is to get paid on time. With CoinDrip, on time means every second. As a user, you can see your tokens stream increase in real-time, and you can claim them whenever you want. As a web3 company or DAO, we just made payment easier and more fair for you. With a simple, one-time deposit, CoinDrip will start to stream the ESDT toward the recipient every second.

With a simple, one-time deposit, you can pay salaries, do ESDT vesting, and many other things in a descentralized way.

Powered by the MultiversX blockchain

CoinDrip is compatible with EGLD or any ESDT like USDC.


Adaptive state sharding

Adaptive State Sharding brings a 1000x improvement in throughput compared to previous blockchain iterations by enabling parallel transaction processing.

Low fees

Elrond Standard Digital Tokens (ESDT)

The ESDT token model enables true ownership of assets, advanced programmability, and low transfer fees, making it an essential foundation for building more efficient and robust DeFi products.

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Programmable Money Streaming On MultiversX Via CoinDrip

"This is already a significant leap forward, but solutions such as the one built by the CoinDrip team are paving the way for new functionality and more flexibility, which will greatly improve the way we interact with money." -Lucian Mincu

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Payments should be real-time, not static! Why wait one month to get your salary when you can get paid each second with CoinDrip?

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I've been freelancing for more than five years and had multiple problems with delayed payments. After around one year of building on MultiversX, I know we can use this great technology to reinvent recurring payments.

Frequently asked questions

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, email us and we'll get back to you.

    • What are ESDTs?

      The MultiversX network natively supports the issuance of custom tokens, without the need for contracts such as ERC20, but addressing the same use-cases. And due to the native in-protocol support, transactions with custom tokens do not require the VM at all. In effect, this means that custom tokens are as fast and as scalable as the native EGLD token itself.

    • How does ESDT streaming works?

      You define an amount of tokens to be distributed in a specific time period. During that period, tokens unlock each second and the recipient is able to claim them whenever he wants.

    • Example

      Let's say you want to send 2000 USDC to John from 1 Jan to 1 Feb. You'll create the stream with all these details. John's funds will start to unlock from 1 Jan, each second. For example, on 15 Jan John will be able to claim half of his funds.

    • How can I start streaming ESDTs?

      You need to connect your wallet on CoinDrip, click on the Create Stream button, fill in the recipient, amount of tokens and the duration, click the button and sign the transaction. That's it!

    • Where are the ESDTs held?

      From the deposit until the recipient claims them, the token are locked inside our smart contract.

    • Can I cancel a stream?

      Yes, the sender and recipient can cancel a stream at any time if the stream was not marked as non-cancellable by the sender during creation. If the stream is canceled before the start time, all funds are returned to the sender. If you cancel the stream after the start time, but before the end time, the amount that was stream so far is transferred to the recipient and the remaining tokens come back to your wallet. If the stream is canceled after the end time, all funds are transferred to the recipient.

    • Can I edit a stream?

      No, streams are not editable. After it was created, you can only cancel it based on the above conditions.

    • What are the possible use-cases of CoinDrip?

      The possibilities are endless but some of the use-cases we identified might be: recurring payments, token vesting or subscriptions.

    • What do I need to use CoinDrip?

      A computer with internet connection, and a MultiversX Wallet with some ESDT tokens that you want to stream.

    • Is the CoinDrip protocol decentralized?

      Yes, all the transactions are public on the blockchain, and anyone can come and interact directly with the smart contract or through another interface. Also, after leaving beta period we also aim to open-source the smart contract for everyone to check.

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